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We believe its important that people feel they are able to achieve early success so our method is to teach tuning and a few simple chords  with appropriate tunes..............

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Age UK @ Newmarket     March 7, 2011 (photo: Age UK Suffolk)

Learning Acoustic Guitar/Ukulele

The major initial interest in Guitars was for children and adults with little or no experience to learn the basics using acoustic guitars

We have had over 40 adults and  children (including many children and  parents learning together) at the Saturday Sessions though there are usually about 7 - 10 on a any given Saturday.

The children are mainly 6 - 10 but we had one enthusiastic 3 year old who strums along !

The next step is to build further confidence with group performances, initially at MBC events:


..............with further confidence building as several members of the group have taken part in:

After a period not running sessions we are planning to restart in January 2016 but may start people on ukulele as there are only 4 strings but basic chord shapes are the same as guitar.

The first performance was at the Summer Picnic on July 23, 2011

Followed by a first public performance at the MBC Concert