Music Builds Communities

A Community project for Newmarket and Area

“.....bringing people together through music!”

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As you can see, its fun for “musicians” of all ages and levels

To produce a note the tube can be struck on any part of the body (or other soft surface).  

If you want to see how to produce a sustained note, you’ll just have to come along !!

At the moment we don’t use them week by week but they feature in some of our events.


“Boomwhackers” (or Salopian Tubes to give them their technical name) are a way in which a group of people can make music together. Each coloured tube is “tuned” by its length to produce a specific note when struck on something. To produce music people strike their tube in the correct order and timing. This might be in response to a “conductor” pointing at them or by reading from music.