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“.....bringing people together through music!”

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Concert on November 20, 2010

The first Music Builds Communities Concert --A Family Night of Entertainment” was held on November 20, 2010 with 20 acts and was attended by over 100 people

Fun Singers

Roller Ghoster/Fantasy Football Team

Sound Moves

Abba Set (Dance Routine)

Matthew Whitaker

Close Every Door (from Joseph)�

Flute group

Au Clare de la Lune/ When the Saints��


March: Prokofiev/Allegretto: Schubert/ Minuet from Alcina: Handel


Gymnastics to Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence Theme Tune

Rhapsody Rolfe - solo

Where is love (from Oliver)

John Saville

Streets of London

Matthew Whitaker and Donia Moore

Clarinet duet - Star Wars


Songs from the Shows


Guitar Group

MBC Guitarists Song/Postman Pat

Sound Moves

Staying Alive (Dance Routine)


Deception (waltz)/ Blues in C

Clive Hook

Bohemian Rhapsody� (guitar solo)

Clare Fagg

Can’t do it alone (from Chicago)

Simon Fagg

Impertinence -Handel

Sound Moves

Lady Gaga  (Dance Routine)

Megan Simpson

Colours of the Wind

Emma/ Susan Allison

My Favourite Things

Fun Singers

Fun Sing Finale- Drunken Sailor/ O Sinner Man


Photos of most of the acts can be seen by clicking on the links below