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MBC Midweek -- Playing Electric Guitar & Bass


The input we received from the community showed that there was interest for adults with experience who would like to play guitar together

Since Summer 2011  we have met several times , but are currently not meeting.

The aim of the group has been:

These sessions were for those:

If you would be interested in joining such a group email us at

We are planning to restart our Electric Guitar sessions

With an introductory evening to see the level of interest.

Wednesday November 29th at 7.30pm.

Exning Community Church Hall (ECCH) in Church Lane, Exning CB8 7HF (

The session will last between 1 and 2 hours. Please bring your guitar(s) and an amplifier (though we will probably have spare inputs if it's a problem to bring one).

This first evening will be very much:

As we need to hire the Hall we will need to make a small charge but that will not exceed £4 per session (or £2 for those under 18 or in full time education).

If you are interested do come along. If possible let us know you’ll be coming by using our contact form or email to