Music Builds Communities

A Community project for Newmarket and Area

“.....bringing people together through music!”

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The Aim and objective of Music Builds Communities (MBC) is to provide an opportunity locally for children, young people and adults to engage with and enjoy making music:

To establish singing groups for children, children and their parents, other adults and provide opportunities for performance.

Offer ensemble opportunities for beginners and more experienced instrumentalists on a range of instruments and provide opportunities for performance.

To combine singing and playing instruments as possible and appropriate

This will be achieved by

regular sessions through school term time and self-contained projects during holidays

recruitment of experienced, enthusiastic and committed staff

the provision of suitable venues


Staffing will comprise a Project Director and volunteers to lead specific sessions.

The Project Director will be appointed by and responsible to the Management Committee and subject to a detailed job description.

The Role should include:

Responsibility for development, marketing, progress reporting.

Finding teachers/music leaders

With a treasurer, looking after the budget/money


Overall Governance will be by a Management Group operating under the auspices of the PCC of the Parish of Exning with Landwade. (“The PCC”)

The Management Group will comprise:

Two members of the PCC (appointed by The PCC)

Two adults interested in the work of the project

One member of staff (i.e. a volunteer session leader)

The Director of the Project

Other members co-opted by the Management group for specific roles (e.g. secretary, treasurer)

The Chairman will be nominated from within the membership of the Management Group

The Management Group will meet monthly and meetings will be minuted.

Regular reports will be furnished to The PCC

Amendments to this constitution will be recommended by the Management Group for agreement by The PCC

Dissolution Clause

Music Builds Communities shall be dissolved, after consultation with staff and participants, if:

There are insufficient interested participants

There is insufficient staffing to lead activities

There is a period of 6 months without activity

In this case the Management Group (or in its absence the PCC) shall:

Ensure the return of any instruments loaned to participants and that they are then returned to owners if loaned to MBC and ensure that any deposits are returned to the participant in line with the terms of any loan agreement.

Ensure any outstanding liabilities are cleared

Return any unused grants or donations on an appropriate basis.

Any outstanding assets will be passed to the PCC of Exning with Landwade to support any musical activities within the parish.

Revision 3.0     9 November 2010.