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The first new "MBC Saturday" got off to a good start.

If you'd like to join one of these groups it's not too late.

It would help if you let us know so we can ensure there will be an instrument for you to use.

We had people born in each decade from the 1940s to the current one and a range of nationalities.

To find out more about each session see the January 5 newsletter below

Newsletter January 5, 2016

A Happy New Year to you all.

As previously mentioned we have been considering restarting activities on a Saturday after a break.

Having looked at the feedback we’ve had, I am excited to let you know the details of what we have planned starting on January 16, 2016 and weekly thereafter until Easter. These events will take place in Exning Community Church Hall between 2pm and 4pm.

The details of what we have planned are shown below but this is subject to change depending on what people in the community want and our ability to provide session leaders and equipment.

2pm to 3pm in Main Hall -- “Guitar Jam”

Not (necessarily) a jam session but a chance for people to increase their knowledge and experience of the guitar. This will include the opportunity to play together, learn new techniques, try different types of guitar (e.g. electric, 12 string etc).

Should appeal to: People of any age and ability at playing guitar (e.g. those who attended previous MBC guitars) who would enjoy continuing to play and learn more.

Instruments: Participants should have own guitar, but may be able to try others.

2pm to 3pm Gibson Room “Learn Fife/Flute”

We recognize that some people who want to learn flute may be better off initially learning to play a fife either because their hands are small, or they may not want to invest in a flute until they have some experience.

Should appeal to: Those with little or no knowledge of playing fife or flute

Instruments: We plan to provide a small quantity of fifes for people to borrow, though they cost only a small amount (<£10) and you may wish to buy your own. Flutes need to be provided by participants.

3pm to 4pm   Main Hall – “Learn Ukulele/ Guitar”

After our previous experience with guitars we feel that starting on an ukulele may be a better way to learn chord shapes etc. particularly for younger players. That may lead to playing guitar later. In recent years the ukulele has become a popular instrument in its own right and we know several people who want to learn to play. Our methodology is to help people to play songs with a few basic chords and gradually build on that with further chords and playing styles.

Should appeal to: Beginners who want to learn to play ukulele, or as an introduction to playing guitar.

Instruments: We have a small number of ukuleles for people to borrow though it would help to know if you need one.

3pm to 4pm   Gibson Room – “MBC Band”

This is for people who can play an instrument and would like to play with others. The styles of music will depend on who takes part and the range of instruments. It replaces the MBC Ensemble.

Should appeal to: People who can play an instrument and would like to play with others

Instruments: Participants will be expected to provide their own instruments. MBC does own a digital piano (Korg SP 170s).


We decided not to revive an MBC Choir at this time as there is other provision locally for those who want to sing in a formal choir.  For those who enjoy singing in a less formal setting, we will continue to hold “Singing for Fun” on Wednesday evenings a couple of times a month. It’s usually a mix of pop, rock, folk, standards and show tunes accompanied on acoustic guitars. See:

Registration/ Safeguarding/ Subscriptions etc

Although our session leaders have current CRB/DBS certificates, we wish to continue the policy that children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult who remains on the premises. Parents may wish to arrange this between themselves but session leaders should not be expected to fulfill that role.

To cover cost of hiring ECCH, there will be a charge of £1 per person (adult and child) per session (activities starting at 2 and 3pm count as separate sessions). Please note that we don’t want anybody to miss out for financial reasons so let us know if this is a problem

We hope you, or your family members, will want to take part in one or more of the activities.

It would help to have an idea of who is coming, particularly if loan instruments are needed. You can do this by email or, preferably, using the form at

Please come a bit early the first time as we will want you to register (as an individual or family) even if you did this in the past.

John Saville on behalf of MBC Management Group

January 5, 2016


Newsletter October 2015

Would you or your children like to learn to play a musical instrument, or play with others in a small group?

Music Builds Communities was started in Exning in 2010 and one of our main activities was the “Saturday Sessions” held in Exning Community Church Hall.  We stopped holding these in late 2013 having given an introduction to playing guitar, flute, accordion and handbells to over 50 children and adults.

We now feel the time has come to offer new “Weekend Sessions” during early 2016 and we are considering either Saturday or Sunday afternoons.  We would like to hear from you about what you’d like us to provide.  We will see what is popular and can provide leaders for those activities.
Please let us know what you would like us to provide including:

 introduction to playing an instrument (and which!) for children and adults

 “Fun Singing” mainly aimed at children or,

 if you already play an instrument, and would like to get together with others to play.

We’d also like to know if you’d prefer to meet on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

You might like to take a look at our website to see what MBC is about and some of the things we’ve done in the past, as well as some current activities:

Please let us know by email, use the contact form at, or

if you would prefer to speak to someone call John on 01638-604246 or 07968-912046

Music Builds Communities
November 2015

We are writing to thank people for their comments about a potential restart of MBC sessions at weekends.

We are pleased to announce that we plan to start “Saturday Sessions” in Exning Church Community Hall in the New Year starting on January 16. Saturday was overwhelmingly preferred to Sunday.  We will follow a similar pattern to that we had before with 2 parallel sessions running from 2pm to 2.50pm and 3.10pm to 4 pm with a break for refreshments in between (at which we hope people from all sessions will participate and mingle).

We have looked at all the comments we received, taken into account our ability to provide session leaders, and the cost of instruments and our current plan is to provide:

 An introduction to playing the Ukulele, which may lead on the beginner’s guitar

 A session of intermediate Guitar for those who have some experience of playing and want to learn more

 An introduction to playing harmonica

 An “MBC Band” for those who play their instruments (of any kind including woodwind, brass) together.

As before we do not aim to “teach” playing instruments but show the basics of playing so people can see whether they want to learn more. For those learning about ukulele and harmonica people my wish to buy these and we will provide guidance on this, and we hope to have some for people to borrow.

The cost will be £1 per person (adult or child) per session.

To help our planning it would be good to know who might be interested in joining these activities or what others you might like us to consider by:

 using the form at:


 phone to John Saville on 01638-604246 0r 07968-912046

“Bringing People Together Through Music”

Brief Update January 17, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday to MBC

The first event of Music Builds Communities was held on February 14th, 2010 which means that this weekend is its 6th Birthday!

We will be running our Fife session at 2pm and Ukulele sessions at 3.15pm as normal but we hare specifically invited along:

Those who took part in previous MBC “Guitars” to attend the “Guitar Jam” session at 2pm

Those who learnt flute and those who took part in the previous Ensemble to join the “MBC Band” session at 3.15pm.

Everybody is invited to the extended refreshments break from 2.45 to 3.15 pm, so even if you don’t play it would be great to see you in Exning Community Church Hall on Saturday.

Newsletter March 1, 2016

A reminder that we have 3 sessions left before Easter on March 5, 12, 19.

Our original commitment was to just do these sessions till Easter.

At the MBC Management Group we reviewed whether to continue during the summer. Based on MBC previous summer experiences, and lower recent attendances, we confirmed that it would be best to take a break.

We will restart in the autumn, with specific sessions to be decided.

During the summer, we will be continuing our midweek "Singing for Fun" sessions on 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings each month

We plan to introduce a midweek "Electric Band" which will be based around guitars but will probably include other instruments on the alternate Wednesday evenings (venue TBD)

We are also considering a "low cost instrument band" which might include opportunities for fife (and ukulele?) as well as other instruments. Day and venue under consideration.

Several people have instruments on loan. Under those agreements we would normally ask for their return if people aren't attending MBC sessions (after 3 unexplained absences). We are happy to announce that, if people want it, they may continue the loan on the understanding that they will enjoy what they have learnt and continue to practice. Of course if anybody wants to buy an instrument we are happy to sell them at cost. I'll write to individuals who haven't been recently.

If you have any questions on the above, or ideas, do let us know.

Best regards

John S (on behalf of MBC Management Group.)

We are currently not issuing newsletters. Some below show historic activities