Music Builds Communities

A Community project for Newmarket and Area

“.....bringing people together through music!”

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Cathy Whitaker (MBCMG Treasurer)
I was part of the MBC choir for 3 years and joined the handbell team. I have just started learning to play fife -- which is challenging!

MBC is something nice to do as a family. My son learnt to play guitar  and plays his clarinet with the MBC Band. My daughter has recently started to learn to play fife and ukulele.

As well as being Treasurer for MBC, I am Clerk to the Parish Council and a member of the Friends of Exning School committee. I believe MBC provides an important contribution to bring the local community together.

Let’s introduce the Leadership Team: Session Leaders and Members of the Management Group (MBCMG)

Who’s Who?

Clive Hook (Session Leader: Guitars, Electric Guitars, MBCMG Chairman)

I’ve been playing guitar for 40 years and used to play electric guitar and bass guitar semi-professionally Playing many genres of music including Jazz, Folk Blues Rock and skiffle. I had a part share in a recording studio and have been on tours as a session musician. I taught guitar at MBC for 3 years and also taught Ukulele at Exning Primary school.  Both my daughters have learnt guitar at MBC and are now learning ukulele.  I was part of the Electric Guitar group. I now lead the “Guitar Jam” and Ukulele sessions and help accompany “Singing for Fun”

I have been living in Newmarket / Exning since 1989 and have been involved in a number of local charity / community projects.

Patsy Edwards (MBCMG Member)

Alice Haylock (MBCMG Member)

I started playing the piano when I was 7. Since then, my collection of instruments has gradually grown, and I currently have 8 in the house, which I can play to varying degrees of fluency! I became a private instrumental tutor after finishing my Music degree, and since moving to Newmarket have also started working one day a week in Newmarket Academy as a Woodwind teacher. In MBC I lead the Fife group and the Band, for which I’ve been compiling various arrangements, and enjoy every minute of it. To learn more about private lessons, please visit my website:

  John Saville  (Session Leader: Singing for Fun, MBCMG Secretary, website)

 I’ve been playing guitar and singing since my mid teens (when the Shadows and Beatles were current!). I’ve been involved with MBC since the early planning days and have been involved in a number of its activities: I helped to teach guitar and have accompanied Fun Singing on Saturdays; On Wednesdays I lead “Singing for Fun” and have played in the Electric Guitar Group; I now help Clive with the Ukulele and “Guitar Jam” sessions  I am secretary of the MBC Management Group, develop the website and do a lot of general organisation for MBC.. I also play guitar in the Church Music Group and provide the village website (Exning.Net), the Parish website and that for Exning Community Church Hall. I also took over as projectionistfor Exning Village Cinema.. My personal website has over 1600 pages. Before moving to Exning in 2003 I took (very!) early retirement from Ford where I’d worked in IT for 30 years, including working in the US (in Detroit [“Motown”]) for 5 years, responsible for its CADCAM design systems worldwide, and finally back in the UK for 18 months as IT Director of the Jaguar Racing F1 team. Who could go back to a “normal” job after that? In my “spare time” I enjoy playing Real Tennis in Newmarket and photographing old buildings around the country. I have 2 adult sons and 7 grandchildren, who live too far away to join MBC.